Sliding Scale Pricing

About Us

I believe that flowers, their essence and their healing should be available to everyone. And while I aim to carve out a livelihood for my family out of my love and passion for growing plants. I also really want to share and honor the gifts of our flower folk and make them accessible to others as well.


What is Sliding Scale Pricing and how does it work?

Sliding scale pricing offers a service or product with multiple price points. These price points are set to make the service or product accessible to people with different levels of income, so that lack of financial resources need not be a barrier to a person’s ability to access a product or service. Community members can chose the price point that best reflects their ability pay for a product or service, based on their individual circumstances.

How to chose which price point to pay?

 I invite you to pay one of the reduced fees for my offerings, if paying the full price would cause you to be less secure in your ability to meet your basic food, health, housing or essential transport needs.​

Please have a look at the following info graph to further help you understand this pricing system.