Artisan Floral Shop

Our artisan floral shop is a collection of wildcrafts, distillations, dried flowers, woven wares, earthen wares and plants & seeds we craft right here on the farm. 

All our wares are made with the utmost dedication to the craft and as sustainably as possible. If we can grow it and produce something magical from it, we do. 

If you are ready to get started growing your own flowers, herbs and seeds, we seasonally offer indoor and outdoor flower starts, bulbs and more.

Check out the Plant & Seed Shop for more.


We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Our Apothecary

All our distillations and salves are grown right here on the farm and wild-crafted from the land we care for. 

We use an old world copper distillation system that enables us to make very small batch quality hydrosols and salves.

Our local bees provide us with the beeswax for our creamy healing salves that are created using slow brew methods of sun soaked herbs we grow in the gardens.

Working with our plants in this way enables us to send their healing essence out into the world. 

Our Woven Wares

Our woven wares are crafted from plants we grow and wild harvest from the land.


Baskets, brooms and weavings are spun from nettles, rhubard, strawberries, burdock, willow, dogbane and more.

Our brooms are hand crafted from sustainable broom corn. This plant does not grow well here in our climate and we receive this stock from our U.S. partners.

These one of a kind pieces are functional and sturdy, however some baskets are best suited for display or wall hanging.