The Secret Potting Shed

The Secret Potting Shed


The Secret Potting Shed offering will be sent out in April. These gift boxes will come straight to you from my hearth and garden. I will be preparing all the gifts in your box specifically with you in mind. Often times, asking for guidance to choose the right feel, mood, colors and words just for you. Not every box will be exactly the same. You can trust yours will be special to you. 


The Secret Potting Shed Boxes are meant to guide you into ritual and ceremony as you prepare sacred space on your potting bench, greenhouse or kitchen table, wherever you plant your seeds. There are no instructions with these gifts. I believe if you are given the way and you have the will, you can conjure the words. These beautifully and lovingly crafted tools will aid you in choosing to slow down, and learn from your seeds and your soil as you move into alliance with their cycles to grow this summer. 


Included in your box:


*Potting Bench Rose Whisk Broom (similar to the one pictures)

*Mystery Seed packet. Blessed and ready to bring you a message from my garden to yours.

*Garden Moon Calendar- To teach you when to prepare, sow, harvest and nourish your garden according to the moon cycles. My own design.

*Lino Printed Garden Apron- Cotton Apron stamped with a witchy garden design. 

*Candle- Hand Dipped by me.

......and perhaps a spell or two.



  • Returns

    Due to the personal affects in these gift boxes and the time and love that goes into hand-crafting each one. There are no returns. However, if you are dissatisfied with your gift box. Please readh out so we may find a solution. I wish for you to feel loved when opening your gift. Always talk to me if you are unhappy.