Lavandula x intermedia 'Fred Boutin'

Lavandula x intermedia 'Fred Boutin'



Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Aromatic/Industrial

Perennial: Hardy zone 5-9


Excellent for crafting! Unique for its long sturdy stems and

silver-grey leaves. Although aroma is not particularly strong but

beautiful lavender-violet flowers are one of the most preferred

varieties for crafts. Grows in dense clumps and is excellent for

informal hedges in sunny areas. Named after the California

botanist who discovered this variety in the 1980s.


Like any other variety, Fred Boutin Lavender must be located in full sun and planted in well drained alkaline sandy soil, ideally in a raised bed or rock garden as they are prone to root rot if conditions are too wet. Perfect for borders, rock gardens and containers. After the second year of growth, begin pruning once or twice a year, cutting back a third of its foliage. This will help maintain their shape, leaf and flower production as well as prevent woodyness.


Flowers August onwards. Height 140cm.

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