Lavandula angustifolia 'Melissa'

Lavandula angustifolia 'Melissa'


Lavandula 'Melissa' is a beautiful white lavender that was named

by Oregon grower Andy van Hevelingen for his wife Melissa

The sweetly fragrant flowers begin pure white but mature into a

delicate pink colour. This cultivar has an erect and tightly compact bush habit. Flowering time is earlier and longer lasting than other pink varieties.  Flowers can be used in the kitchen, offering a

prized mild and delicate flavour. Like any other variety, Melissa

Lavender must be located in full sun and planted in well drained

alkaline sandy soil, ideally in a raised bed or rock garden it is prone to root rot if conditions are too wet. Perfect for borders, rock

gardens and containers. After the second year of growth, begin

pruning once or twice a year, cutting back a third of its foliage. This will help maintain its shape, leaf and flower production as well as

prevent woodyness.


Bloom time June-July. Height 70cm/28in.

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