Dyers Plant Starts

Dyers Plant Starts


Dyer's Garden Plants starts are a great start to your summer colorway projects. These starts will be available for pick up May Long weekend. 


This selection of plants are easy to grow and will yield color fresh or dried. 


We are growing these plants as a dye garden this summer for the first time and documenting our experiements and processes. If you would like to get in on the fun, grab a few of our extra starts and grow, dye and color your summer with us!


We have 2 offerings available. 

1. Japanese Indigo {Persicaria Tinctoria} will yield a blue/turquoise color. You will recieve 5 plants in this bundle. They require a sunny spot in your garden with preferred afternoon shade. Plant close together 6 inches. Will also gow well in patio containers. Can be used fresh or dried with different results.


2. Rainbow Palette {Marigold,  Coreopsis, Hopi Sunflower, Cosmos, Hopi Amaranth, Cornflower.}

This mixed palette of dyers flowers will give you yellows, oranges, golds, red, purples, teals, blues and pinks! (With variations) They can be used dried or fresh and are resonably easy to grow, drought tolerant and packed with possibility. They will need a warm sunny spot in your garden. These blooms flower more the more you dead head them. 


Newbie Dyers- If you are new to growing color, then this experiment of color and play is for you. Let's learn together. We want you to have the same fun and experience growing color this summer to make inks, dyes and paints. Join us! We will walk you through what you need to know. 


Our dyers garden members will be added to our email list (unless you opt out) for updates and info on how to grow, harvest, and extract color from these plants. We will also be sending you some informative links and know how from other fiber and farm color growers to help you along the way. 






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