Dyer's Starts & Studio Starts!

Hello all you lovely people. I am coming out of hibernation, slowly, but surely am waking up to the natural rhythms that are calling me to awaken. Embracing spring and all its anticipated growth is very exciting. I have been pouring myself over interesting blogs, zoom meetings, and books in search of more knowledge on my dyer's garden project this summer.

This past year, my 40th trip around the sun, has brought me an intense amount of peace and calm. I feel grounded and I have loved every season of change and teaching like a hot sip of delicious tea. If I knew being 40 was going to feel like coming home to myself. I would have hurried up and got there faster. I have so much gratitude for this woman that i am, her wisdom, her heart of compassion, her fiery hot temper somedays, and how cute she looks with a few winter fat rolls curled up under her breast when she sits down at the computer.

But what I am enjoying most is the freedom to just be. Nature has enveloped me and literally held me in a network of wisdom and deep underground secrets. I became deeply interested in plants as fiber, plants as brooms, plants as baskets and it had lead me into my curiosity to know plants as color. I love how being in sync with nature has sunk me up to being in touch with who I want to be. Ive been re-awakened to my mind and the power I have to create this beautiful, full, and joyful world for myself out of anything I choose.

How does this tie into flower color? It's like this. Just before a plant gives up its life to us, it gives up its essence. If we are wise enough, or maybe aware is a better word, to know what that looks like, we can capture that last gift and translate it into so many wonderful things. Medicine, tea, food, and color. Tho i am not planning on giving up my life anytime soon, I am aware that plants have given their essence to me in all the above ways. I choose to create magic from their last breath, where allowed, and feel deep reverence to them for slowly teaching me how to live, let go, and be 40.

I have gotten so excited about the dyer's garden that I planted tons of dye plants. And i want to share them, with you.

Over in the Plant and Seed shop I have a limited amount of dyers plant starts to be pre-ordered and ready for pick up May long weekend.

I am hopeful that if you are interested in learning about the last breath of plants, extracting color, and creating colorways of nature, that you will join me in growing these beautiful flowers this summer. From Japanese Indigo to Marigolds, Coreopsis, Cornflowers, Hopi Sunflowers, Hopi Amaranth, and Cosmos, together we can grow a rainbow palette of color right in our gardens.

I have been found this rich community of dyers, fiber artists, farmers, fiber farmers and artisans within the container of plant color. And I want to invite you to learn with me, from them. Among them, Britt Boles, Indigo doula, from INDIGO FEST , who has kindly helped me source seed, and is a wealth of information on growing indigo and dye plants. I've also found the weekly Feedback Fridays, from BOTANICAL COLORS extremely helpful in gleaning dye knowledge for processing everything from paint to ink and dye from plant materials. if you are interested in learning more about plants and dye I highly recommend perusing these sites to get you started.

The dyers plants that I am starting with this year are an experiment to find the colors and dyes that resonate with me, my flower farm, and the wares I intend to make from them.

Among my plant wares, I have been making earthen wares, and brooms for the 2021 season! I am excited to be re-arranging my entire house to accommodate my first in home artisan studio space!! Ah, it only took 40 years of creating and making to earn this privilege to work from home, in a heated space, devoid of critters and spiders and light!

I have been cultivating tropical plants, fabrics, fibers, paint, threads, linen, recycled cloth, clay, beeswax, leather and beads for my intuitive play studio space. And the possibilities are endless for what I can make in this new dedicated space.

To become a full time maker along side my seasonal flower farm gig, is like a dream. I am completely open to my dream job in this new space and have been manifesting greatness, gratitude and abundance for my future as a maker. Soon I will share some photos of this space coming into its own. Its been a slow wake up from hibernation this spring, and I am loving just poking along in this space, making it my own.

If you would like to get a hold of some dyers plants, head over to the plant & seed tab here . Be sure to subscribe to emails here to follow the infolding of the studio and the growing and play of a makers dye garden.

Thank you loves for spending time with me.


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