2021 Bouquet Subscriptions

WHAT IS A BOUQUET SUBSCRIPTION? Our premium bouquet subscriptions, also know as CSA's or Community Supported Agriculture. Is a weekly dose of our unique farm fresh blooms in a stunning hand-tied bouquet. 

These locally grown bouquets are created especially for you and ready for pick up at our participating local drop off points within your area.

You can choose from our 6 or 12 week, or bi-weekly subscriptions. Available from mid June- September.

Highest Quality

Local Blooms,

Unique Magical Bouquets

Our local clientes love our unique enchanted blooms. Even avid gardeners choose our subscriptions because we don't just grow your everyday run of the mill flowers.


Our flowers are of the highest quality seed suppliers on the market. Bringing the newest colors and varieties from Italy, Holland the UK and all over the world to our customers. 

We grow all our blooms from seed to table. Each plant is touched and loved by our hands, this cultivates a deep reverence and respect for them, and the magic they bring to our lives. Our hope is that this message translates to you and your home. We want your experience with our flowers to promotes gratitude, joy and love. Bringing you wellness. 


Flowers are a healthy part of our emotional diet.


Why Choose a CSA Subscription?

Friends, when you purchase a CSA subscription, you are buying a share of our seasonal flower offering. By supporting our farm in this way we are able to plan our fields accordingly and pay for expenses to get our farm rolling in spring. 

Our premium bouquet subscriptions are only offered direct through our CSA offerings. 

In the past we have offered blooms at the Friday market and other locations. Covid has changed that. And we will no longer be offering our flowers at markets. 

Our CSA members always get first top cuts of our most unique flowers. Premium bouquets are our largest bouquet offering and are guaranteed to members every week! 

Spring & Summer Subscriptions