Image by T L

Within Silver Sage Flora

Follow the mossy forest path, under the low handing cedar boughs that stretch towards the earth. Take off your shoes and feel the cool soft ground beneath your feet. Deep in the forest, in the heart of the mountain lies a cabin. You come upon it as you gather tiny blossoms all along your journey. You notice the front door is open, and so you knock gently and slowly creep through the lichen decorated wooden door.


The warm fragrance of fresh baked bread and cinnamon baptizes you into the home, welcoming you to it’s sacredness. You can feel it in your bones, you will find great treasure here. It feels safe and comforting as you look around at the garlands of dried hanging flowers, mushrooms and citrus slices. Rose hips adorn the hearth and the bookshelf stocked with jars of dried plants beckons you to explore the contents. Just then, the door opens slightly and the warm sunshine floods the room. A medium sized women enters. Her disposition is kind, and your intuition stirs, instinctively you know you are for the first time meeting the homes matriarch. 


Hello and welcome to my hearth and home. I am Melanie, I invite you into this journey of creativity, healing and deep nourishment as you embark on an adventure to uncover the magic within you, to live a more enchanted life. 


As an artist, creative entrepreneur, flower farmer, wild craft artisan, mother, teacher and forest guide, my passion is to share the wisdom I have learnt from the forest, the garden, my ancestors and my elders.


I love to inspire others by weaving together all my work into a tapestry of deeply inviting text and projects that align us with our roots to bring out the magic we all have inside. Thank You so very much for your support, your patronage and for sharing in this journey with me. 


Please pour yourself a cup of wild tea, sip this broth, let it cleanse your palette and feed your soul. My door is always open for you, deep in the forest, among flowers, herbs, mushrooms and lichens. Mother is calling us to come home to yourself. Let's go together.