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Our Distillates

What are Distillates and how do they benefit you?


Distillates are often referred to as "flower waters." This is because they are produced by distilling fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, and other plant materials. When you distill a plant, either through water or steam distillation, you are left with two end-products: the essential oil, which contains the oil-soluble constituents of the plant, and any condensate water, which contains the water-soluble constituents as well as microscopic droplets of the essential oil. This condensate water is what we call plant hydrosol.

Many different types of plants can be made into distillate — not just flowers but also bark, roots, and other plant components.

Essential oils and hydrosols have some similar properties, but hydrosols have much higher water content.

This means they’re gentler than essential oils and can be applied directly to your skin without needing to dilute them with a carrier oil. They also have a more subtle scent than their essential oil counterparts.

Offering skincare benefits and uplifting aromatherapy properties; they make wonderful single ingredient perfumes, deodorants, facial toners, air fresheners, and aromatherapy sprays. And they are great additions to your DIY projects when blended with other flower waters, essential oils, or used as a replacement for water in your favorite body care, perfume, or green cleaning recipe.


Our Water Garden Aura Mist Distillates are created right here in our gardens at Silver Sage Flora. Handcrafted from both homegrown and wild botanicals. We distill our plants solely for hydrophilic (water-loving) components, not an essential oil. Distillers of essential oils, usually use plant material that has been dried for several days, resulting in a loss of about 70% of water volume. Our distillates are picked fresh, typically during a full moon, when the plant is bursting with potential. In this way, the resulting distillate is much richer in valuable, water-soluble aromatic molecules.

Our distillates are artisan-distilled at low temperatures over 3-4 hours. Distilleries that create essential oils utilize high temperatures, and their process lasts for only thirty minutes. Our process creates a hydrosol that is vitalizing and healing, helping connect you with the souls of our plants by maintaining an honoring relationship as plant material is reborn in its essence form.

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