About Us

Hello and Welcome to our garden of enchantment. Or so we like to call it. Our gardens began in 2017 when we moved from the city to our little mountain forest. And we have been growing and blooming ever since.


We live in the former mining town of Three Forks, British Columbia. This land was once silver mined by men from all over the world, explorers and investors and saw the town grow to 3000 people in the late 1890's. Today, we are three. And enjoy a life of oneness with nature in our quiet forest garden.


We are storytellers, weaving together the stories and histories of flora and fauna. We alchemize our botanics to create memorable and everlasting floral experiences.


Our gardens are not open to the public, and here's why.


We are thankful to those of you who wish to visit our gardens, however, as a  busy little family, we guard our garden and our time together with the utmost respect. And wish to keep these things sacred to be enjoyed by growing children and family.  We appreciate your understanding in our decision to remain a private garden at this time.

By creating relationships with flowers, and learning from them, we are able to send their essence into the world through our floraromatherapy products of perfumes, distillates, and incense. Offering our local flower lovers seasonal cut flower blooms through our email drops during high season, and adorning brides and grooms with our lush arrangements and bouquets for wedding day celebrations.