The Silver Sage

Melanie Dawn, owner and head gardener, is the forest sprite  behind  Silver Sage Flora's Enchanted farm. 

Growing up on an Albertan Farm, neighbouring a historic buffalo jump,  Melanie found solace and support in nature. Whether picking buffalo beans for her grandmother or growing veggies in the gardens, she went to nature to nourish her, and today, has cultivated a healthy relationship with the mountains and forest she lives in. 

The farm is located on the unceded territory of the Sinixt Nation in the heart of the Silvery Slocan Valley. It was here that a mining town erupted in the 1800's, harvesting Silver from the earths deep veins. The town of Three Forks was born at the confluence of three rivers. This sacred and hollow site bore the street names of Silver and Quartz street, and still remain today.

The once bustling town of 5000 residents has changed some over the years. Instead a family homestead, flower farm and Automotive shop sit here.  With only one remaining structure, a cellar carved from the mountain, once the back end of a local general mercantile. The "stonehouse" as it is affectionately called for being made from the very stone that came from the mountain, houses the farms flowers, and serves as a cool place to create beautiful floral arrangements in the summer months. 

You can find Melanie in the gardens, or caring for baby seeds in her greenhouse on most summer days. But if the weather is hot, she will likely be in the "Stonehouse Studio", weaving stories of floral dyes, making old world crafts or arranging flowers to share with those curious souls who find themselves wandering through the gardens of the Silver Sage.

Wandering Souls must register before they visit and book a tour by appointment.  As a working farm and family homestead, under changing health restrictions from the province, Silver Sage Flora can no longer allow "drop-in" visitors. Please call ahead to ensure current status of tours and regulations. 

You can always peruse the online photo galleries and artisan floral shop to find unique farm treasures and a silver mine of wisdom and wares offered  throughout the farm.