Dream. Cultivate. Flourish. Create.

Our garden grown artisan distillates, perfumes and incense, bouquets and wedding florals come from a deep reverence to the land and the garden we have come to know so personally. 

You will find that our products are created in small batches over several months to achieve a raw, unencumbered pure fragrance that will transport you, body, soul and spirit into the healing that our plants wish to offer you.


Get to Know Us

Silver Sage Flora, Aromatic Gardens, creatively growing in the once busting mining town of Three Forks, British Columbia in the Silvery Slocan Mountains. 

We specialize in growing aromatic herbs and flowers, creating one of a kind fresh perfumes from the garden, aromatic bouquets, and wedding florals.

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Our Vision

To rekindle our sense of love for life, nature, fullness, oneness and love within ourselves and our fellow collective through the power of flowers, slowly steeped floral fragrances and essence. Evoking healing, on a soul level, that flowers have assisted humans with since ancient times.

Cultivating a new understanding for the slow life of flowers, and the power of living drenched in the resinous honey of natural organic garden perfumes and florals.

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