Dream. Cultivate. Flourish. Create.

Silver Sage Flora is a small scale peony farm and botanical studio, creatively growing in the once busting mining town of Three Forks, British Columbia in the Silvery Slocan Mountains. 

We cultivate peonies, dahlias and aromatics honoring their beauty as cut flowers, and aromatherapy blends we create right here on the farm.

Weaving together the stories and histories of flora and fauna, We alchemize our blooms to maximize the customers interaction with flowers in mindful & creative ways. By creating relationships with flowers, we can offer customers an everlasting floral experience, allowing them to take home floral essence in the way of perfumes, hydrosols, and roots and tubers in spring and fall.

Dreaming of a better tomorrow we choose sustainable growing practices, natural fertilizers and work hard to create all our products right here on the farm with local ingredients to minimize our footprint. 

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Image by Vero Photoart

Floral Aromatics

Growing herbs and flowers for aromatics is a part of our passion for sharing floral experiences with you. Our aromatherapy products embody the essence of our flower gardens in bloom. Our farm-distilled botanicals will relax, restore and re-balance your energy leaving you feeling as though you're walking through our flower meadows.

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